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"It's Too Early" hosted by Gwen Filosa

Artist Theresa Chiechi joined Gwen Filosa on her radio show on Jan. 29, 2021 to talk about her comic book, Drawn to Key West.


Review from The Beat

Written by Ricardo Serrano Denis from The Beat. REVIEW: Theresa Chiechi’s DRAWN TO KEY WEST finds beauty in performance and local history.


"It’s not often reading a comic book makes you feel like you’re literally inside it, walking between the panels. Drawn to Key West does that, impressively." 

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Written by Zack Quaintance from Comics Bookcase. 


"Comics Bookcase spoke with writer/illustrator Theresa Chiechi (Ithaqa) about her new comic, Drawn to Key West, an excellent blend of memoir storytelling with an informative look at a truly unique artist enclave and community."


Theresa Chiechi on the creative process 

Written by Ricardo Serrano Denis from The Beat. Interview with Theresa Chiechi on the creative process behind ITHAQA and DRAWN TO KEY WEST


"Chiechi brings a lot to the story in terms of ambiance and emotional tones. Characters feel storied and settings seem mystical, inviting readers to really explore the comics page. There’s a kind of rhythm to the way characters move from panel to panel in and around locations that can easily extend beyond the borders of the comics page." 


Review from But Why Tho ?

Written by Jason Flatt. REVIEW: ‘Drawn to Key West,’ Issue #1


"Drawn to Key West #1 is a gorgeous, unique type of comic that blends the author’s personal journey with the history, lives, and community of Mallory Square in Key West. The approach to storytelling is utterly unique and absolutely captivating." 

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Interview with Key West Island News

Interview with Linda Grist Cunningham, editor of Key West Island News, about the experience of living in Key West and the process of creating Drawn To Key West.


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