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Drawn to Key West is the first graphic novel to document the fascinating lives of real street performers.


The comic features interviews with 14 performers and explores everything that goes into life as a busker, pursuing unconventional careers, conquering anxieties, and what motivates people to create.


The 200-page comic-journalism meets memoir-style story is told through the socially awkward and anxiety-ridden lense of Key West cartoonist and stand-up comic, Theresa Chiechi.

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“It’s not often reading a comic book makes you feel like you’re literally inside it, walking between the panels. Drawn to Key West does that, impressively."
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   The Creators   


Theresa Chiechi // Writer & Illustrator

Theresa Chiechi is a New York-born illustrator/cartoonist now living and working in Key West, Florida. She constantly questions how she made all the correct life choices to get her to where she is today. All of her professional

work can be found at 


Ellen Chao
// Letters

Ellen Chao has been putting pencil to paper since she was two years old and unfortunately does not intend to stop. She likes cryptozoology and making zines by hand. She currently lives in NYC, where she works as an illustrator and graphic designer. You can find her on Instagram at @100crows and see her work at


Vanessa Matte // Colors

Vanessa Matte is a freelance illustrator from Ottawa who loves cats and quesadillas.

She is represented by Astound Us agency. Her illustrations can be found at


Emily Sneesby // Colors

Emily Sneesby is a 19 year old aspiring graphic novel artist and illustrator from the UK. Her entire life revolves around art and design, and she could talk someone's ear off about anything art or cartoon related! More of her work and shop can be found @sneesbee on Instagram, Tiktok and Etsy.


Celeste Cruz // Colors

Celeste is an illustrator and comic artist living in the Eastern United States. She is passionate about telling stories that center diversity and belonging.

You can find her art on Instagram @caelstyx

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   The Performers   

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The COMPLETE Graphic Novel


Drawn To Key West

The full 200-page story of Drawn To Key West.


Includes interviews with 14 of Mallory Square's street performers. 


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